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We know your Why, Tell your Who

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In her 1-hour workshop, We know your Why, Tell your Who, Jennifer explores beyond the purpose of why you're called to your profession or business and proves the who behind it is more important. She helps you start to identify your who, what makes you unique, what makes you special - and therefore relatable and marketable. And yes, she's from the "every kid gets a trophy" generation and will dig into how that practice forced us all to hide our Who from the world.


  • Jennifer Moxley

    22-year Communications veteran Jennifer Moxley started her career in newspaper, worked in television news, and took the leap into entrepreneurship in 2012. She's a communications strategist, helping clients find the best way to tell their story and creative ideas to break through the crowded media spaces.

    She's multi-talented in TV Broadcast and video production as well, with decades of experience as a videographer, editor, production project manager, satellite truck owner and fill-in for most every role on a crews. She worked as videographer for the New York Giants, sat behind a camera in Maya Angelou's formal room for her remote speeches and news interviews the last year of her life, and she still produces interviews with television stars from HBO, Hulu, and Disney. She's worked with and been trusted by countless people, from all walks of life, to tell their stories and guide their narratives. She dissects public responses and viral moments to reveal the magic of what makes good stories.

    She's presented workshops for multiple national organizations and industry groups to help people understand how media works, identify their own unique elements, and take the steps to be out front and scale.

    Jennifer attended 15 different schools, was a teen mom, and has had collected colorful experiences in her media career that all culminate to create a gift for connecting with people, finding their beauty, and strategically helping them use it to tell their story.

    She's an investor in Redd Rose Vodka, a Charlotte-based, Black woman owned startup spirit and she donated two years of pro bono services in the brand's infancy. In 2022, she started the nonprofit She Dreams In Color Foundation to raise money for marginalized women can access mental health care.

February 23, 2023
Thu 1:00 PM EST

Duration 1H 0M

This live web event has ended.

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