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Manufacturing COGS - Insights, Risks and Impacts

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Manufacturing COGS are basic elements of all businesses. In many ways, it is like your personal/household budget where it’s fundamental to know what you are spending your financial resources on. In the current environment, supplier cost increases coupled with supply chain upsets will regularly affect/increase your COGS. This course provides a common sense approach to COGS and will assist you in identifying all cost elements, including those often forgotten, to build out a robust and complete budget.

Learning Objectives

  1. Setting up an all-inclusive COGS budget item list, including items often forgotten
  2. Identify cost elements from a historical perspective and current outlook most likely to affect your business costs negatively over the next 18 to 24 months
  3. Provide insight and ways as well as identify areas within the manufacturing process to keep your costs under control 


  • Charlie Bertalan

    Charlie Bertalan has over 35 years of diversified consumer products experience covering the food, beverage and distilled products sectors in Fortune 500 companies. Over half of this time was at a senior management level with leadership roles in global R&D, Quality Assurance, contract manufacturing and selected supply chain functions. He possesses a proven track record of taking innovation from concept to commercialization, improving product quality, removing costs from the supply chain as well as enhancing product quality and improving overall Quality Assurance systems.
    He currently is founder and president of River Locks Distillery Services & Equipment Partners LLC, a consulting firm, which works with clients on product development, process development, packaging development, Quality Assurance and supports private equity clients in the due diligence process. He maintains a professional network with equipment and packaging suppliers as well as engineering & design firms and can handle all your distilled spirits supply chain challenges from concept through start-up.

    Charlie served as Vice President of Global R&D, QA and contract manufacturing for Beam Global Spirits and Wines – a $2.3 billion division of Fortune Brands. Examples of world class new product launches included DeKuyper Pucker cordials, Starbucks coffee liqueurs and Distillers Masterpiece luxury bourbons. In addition, annually developed and executed $5 to $15 million in cost efficiency projects that improved corporate profitability.

    Charlie also served in numerous Technical and Operations roles at Kraft General Foods. These roles were in the major operating divisions of the company including coffee, cereals, beverages and desserts. Notable accomplishments include development and the commercialization of Crystal Light powdered soft drinks, the initial use of blended artificial sweeteners in food products for Jell-O desserts products and executed supply chain restructuring for the pectin, starch and chocolate businesses.

    He has served on the technical committee board of the Distilled Spirits Council (DISCUS) in Washington DC.

    He has served on the Speed School of Engineering’s Board of Industrial advisors at the University of Louisville – Louisville, KY.

    Charlie holds over a half dozen US and international patents.

    He is a graduate of the College of Engineering at Rutgers University and holds a BS in Chemical Engineering and an MS in Chemical & Biochemical Engineering.

September 28, 2022
Wed 1:00 PM EDT

Duration 1H 0M

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