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Beyond Basic TTB Permitting

While the TTB basic permitting process can be straightforward for some, many factors and considerations can quickly complicate your approval or renewal, and knowing how to best navigate these issues is critical to the continuation of your operations. This course will detail advanced permit considerations regarding amendment or expansion of your distillery permit. It includes expert insights on the information you need to know to successfully manage and secure your federal basic permit.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand complex TTB permitting issues, such as alternation of premises, non-contiguous area requirements, new construction, and amendments to your permits, as well as how to best navigate these pitfalls to ensure your business does not encounter any harmful delays
2. Determine how to best work with TTB officials to troubleshoot any issues you encounter
3. Gain knowledge from industry experts about their experiences and learn tips for amending or expanding your TTB permits
(1 Credit Hour)