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Reputational Risk

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In today's digital age, the reputation of any business can be made or broken in an instant. For the distilled spirits industry, this is especially true. A negative comment or review on social media can quickly spread and damage a company's reputation. Therefore, it is essential for distilled spirits professionals to understand the concept of reputational risk and learn how to mitigate it effectively. This one-hour webinar will provide an in-depth understanding of reputational risk and how it affects the distilled spirits industry. Participants will learn about the importance of building and maintaining a positive reputation, especially in the age of social media. We will cover various scenarios that can lead to reputational risk, such as product recalls, negative reviews, and public health concerns, and discuss strategies to mitigate these risks.


  • OJ Lima

    Orlando (OJ) Lima is a spirits expert and the President of Taste Select Repeat (TSR), an e-commerce marketplace for liquor enthusiasts. TSR is well-known for its single barrel picks of whiskey and tequila, and commitment to spirits education through its member program and tasting events. Prior to founding TSR, Lima worked in journalism and media for 25 years. He helped launch First We Feast and also worked at Complex, MTV/VH1 and Def Jam Recordings. He's a contributor to Bon Appetit and VinePair and judges spirits competitions. He's also been featured in Vanity Fair, People, Mic and Bourbon+ for his work with TSR.

March 7, 2023
Tue 1:00 PM EST

Duration 1H 0M

This live web event has ended.

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