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Building Supply-Chain Relationships

A deeper understanding of supply-chain relationships results in long-lasting, collaborative relationships that lead to industry-wide improvements, efficiencies, and profitable opportunities. This course provides an end-to-end understanding of supply-chain relationships, equipping you with valuable supply-chain management strategies to take a future-focused approach to today’s supply-chain management challenges. You will explore important metrics for making supply-chain vendor decisions and learn about tools for effective and efficient supply-chain management.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Translate a company strategy into a clear decision-making framework prior to entering supply-chain relationships
2. Recognize the key questions regarding the design, selection process, and onboarding of a supply-chain vendor
3. Evaluate the various factors within supply-chain relationships that lead to increased value and reduced total supply chain spend
3. Measure a supply-chain partner’s performance using supply-chain management technology
4. Negotiate contracts with supply chain vendors while maintaining a trusting partnership that cultivates innovation and long-lasting relationships
5. Conduct an end-to-end supply chain risk assessment to stress test the supply chain, identify critical risk scenarios, and define potential responses.

Kristel Travis
Director, NAM Supplier Diversity

Sveta Desai
Global Category Director