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Creating an Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is a tacit social order in an organization. Built as much from the front line as the C-suite, organizational culture can empower an organization toward high performance and excellence. When it aligns with employee values and aspirations, culture can be a key to organizational success. Given the right attention, leaders can help an organizational culture thrive. Left to fend for itself, culture can warp and detract from organizational success. This course covers the key attributes of an integrated corporate culture and models for assessing and shaping your own organizational culture.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand the eight attributes of an integrated corporate culture and how they relate to one another
2. Gain a resource for assessing your own organizational culture
3. Examine a model for reshaping your own organizational culture

Courtney McKee
Headframe Spirits & Headframe Spirits Manufacturing

Eric Thomas
Senior Talent Partner
Constellation Brands

Kate Wiggins
DISCUS Academy Leadership Program