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Leading a Sales Team

Although Julius Caesar was likely correcting in saying, “Experience is the teacher of all things,” even many experienced leaders fail when applying their experiences in a ‘one size fits all,’ approach to diverse situations and teams. A successful leader adapts to his or her team and any particular situation. This course reviews some of the best-applied leadership styles and characteristics while stressing the need to keep sight of the desired outcome with the use of metrics as mileposts.

This course will cover various leadership styles, how and when to hire consultants and work with independent contractors, and how to structure sales team compensation and structure to scale.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand various leadership styles
2. Learn how to effectively interview and hire
3. Determine your short-term and long-term goals
4. Gain knowledge around basic selling and marketing metrics
5. Learn compensation laws and practices related to your business
6. Understand performance appraisal and how to measure your team and yourself

Dan Butkus
VP, National Sales Manager

Doug Hall
Co-founder and CEO
Brain Brew Custom WHISKeY

Colleen McLeod
State Sales Manager
WhistlePig Whiskey