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Tactical Marketing: Point of Sale

The Spirits industry is well known in many collector circles beyond the contents of its bottles. Look around flea markets, eBay, restaurant walls, antique stores, and friend’s homes. Early distillery items are everywhere. The people who developed these items did not have collectors in mind; they were trying to influence buyers to display both the product and their trademarks to consumers. Each year, hundreds of millions of dollars are spent with the express purpose of brand building and increasing sales. Statues of Lem Motlow and Captain Morgan greet eager consumers. Shelf talkers and signage await your glances, begging you to take their product home. Does all this work or is it pouring needed expenditures from strategic advertising down the drain? It depends. This course covers point-of-sale options, the impact of tactical programming, tactical marketing calendars, and back-office items.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand tactical marketing options
2. Determine which materials will be impactful
3. Learn how to grow distributor and retailer confidence in your brand
4. Arm sales teams with effective tools