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How to Build a Local Marketing Fund

Brand building isn’t easy. It certainly isn’t cheap, but it isn’t impossible to achieve. Building your brand is an outcome based on solid planning, execution and follow up. Your plan is only as good as the resources dedicated to your goal, and maximizing your budget toward this goal will help you achieve it. Local marketing funds should be a percentage of your annual plan, adjusting for what you have accomplished already. This course discusses setting realistic goals through metrics, gross revenue expectations, spending commitments, and elements of a marketing plan. It includes information on preparing basic budgets with trackers, interacting with wholesalers and brokers, and evaluating the quality of your spending.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Determine how to match your goals with your planned expenses
2. Plan a budget
3. Track expenses around your plan
4. Evaluate the efficiency of your plan
5. Consider short-term and long-term scenarios