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Introduction to Compliance

The basics of federal and state alcohol compliance is any business endeavor in the spirits industry. This course provides a well-rounded, high-level understanding of both federal and state compliance for beverage alcohol. It covers formula and label guidelines on a federal level, as well as marketing and advertising for beverage alcohol. It also reviews basic state compliance, including price posting, gallonage reporting, and event compliance. Additionally, it includes a brief explanation of licensing requirements.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand the basics of federal and state compliance as it pertains to a specific brand category
2. Plan a marketing and advertising strategy based on U.S. compliance
3. Consider which licenses your company would require to operate in the beverage alcohol industry in the U.S., if any

Scott Saul
Executive Vice President
MHW, Ltd

Cheryl Tittle
Director of Compliance
MHW, Ltd