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Foundation on the Three-Tier System

The U.S. beverage alcohol market operates in a three-tier system. This course covers details of the three-tiers, why these tiers were created, and nuances to consider when navigating the system, including some future thinking as COVID-19 has caused some changes in the system. At the course's conclusion, you will be able to determine how the three-tier system affects your product, including in an environment that is leaning toward e-commerce.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand the core three-tier system and its post-Prohibition history
2. Gain familiarity with the relationship between all three tiers (supplier/importer, distributor, retailer, and end consumer), including nuances of franchise laws and contracts
3. Recognize strategies for the ever-evolving three-tier system as it begins to embrace newer concepts, like e-commerce and controlled or private label

John Beaudette
Founder & President
MHW, Ltd