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Distributor Selection

For many entrepreneur distillers, creating a great spirit feels like the end of the journey. Selecting the best route to market for this new product can be as important as selecting the right ingredients. This course is designed to help find the route to market that best suits your brand. Learn the pros and cons of working with the largest distributors vs. smaller entities and how to properly align expectations regardless of the partner. The course will also cover contracts, bill backs, depletion allowances, “free goods” and realistic estimates of the cost to introduce your brand to consumers.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand your route-to-market choices
2. Gain insights into the distributor-broker workplace
3. Consider legal and back-office issues and costs
4. Determine your basic tactical marketing needs
5. Create a short- and long-view game plan

Chrissy Beaudette
Director of Client Development

Joe Cekola
Imperial Beverage

Paul Criscuolo
Chief Commercial Officer
Broken Shed Vodka

Ryan Malkin
Malkin Law