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Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling is key to conveying a company's message and reaching consumers. This course focuses on specific case studies of different-sized brands with varying market goals. It will cover what those brands did to convey their story in a way that resonated with the market and encouraged sales growth.  

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand the key things that make a compelling brand story
2. Develop different strategies for how to tell your story and ways that story may vary depending on the audience, whether that's importers, distributors, retailers, and consumers
3. Track the success of implementing a specific brand story strategy

Chrissy Beaudette
Director of Client Development

Matt Healy
Global Export Sales Manager
Boann Distillery

Tom Mass
Chairman at Dancing Goat Distillery
MFO Group, Inc.

Monica Gray
SVP of Marketing
Blue Chair Bay Rum

Nicole Austin
Cascade Hollow Distilling Co