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Loading & Unloading

There are serious risks associated with loading and unloading distilled spirits into tank vehicles, rail cars, marine vessels, and above-ground tanks or IBCs. This course provides a detailed overview of those risks. It also includes information about how to best safeguard these operations and walks through topics like how to protect against static electricity during loading/unloading, proper construction of drainage and separation, and best practices to safely load and unload spirits from these vessels. In addition, presenters will detail considerations regarding material safety, powered industrial trucks, and dock safety.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand how to best protect loading and unloading operations at a distillery and other points of transport, such as railways or marine ports
2. Learn the specific risks present in these operations, such as static electricity, drainage, valves, and piping considerations and how to identify and address these concerns in the facilities
3. Gain insights from experts on loading and unloading best practices and additional considerations