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Transporting Hazardous Substances

Ethanol is classified as a flammable liquid by the Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, as well as several international organizations. With this classification, distilled spirits over 24% ABV must comply with various placarding, identification, and shipping requirements when being transported. This course provides a detailed overview of DOT’s hazardous materials regulations and covers international guidelines for transporting spirits. It also addresses various risk factors distillers might encounter related to hazardous materials regulations, such as ethanol used for hand sanitizer, and shares best practices based on the expertise of our panelists.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Learn about the requirements to safely transport beverage alcohol by truck, rail, air, and ocean vessel
2. Understand the risks of transporting distilled spirits, both bulk and packaged and at various ABV levels, and hear experts relay additional best practices and experiential knowledge
3. Analyze the different hazmat packing group classifications and determine what they need to do to make their operations compliant