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Developing a Safety Program

An occupational health & safety (H&S) program is an important aspect of keeping your organization safe and functional. This course provides an in-depth overview of the steps necessary in developing a compliance-based occupational health and safety program. You will learn what H&S components are applicable to your facility and what your responsibilities and duties are as an employer. Along with learning about OSHA, you'll gain an understanding of H&S policy statements, how to develop a facility-specific H&S program, and which regulations apply to your operations. You'll also get important information on your individual roles and responsibilities, employee participation in the H&S process, the necessity of written procedures, designing training and education, determining potential risks and hazards, and incident reporting and investigation. 

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand OSHA requirements and which federal and state regulations apply to your organization
2. Find the connection between productivity and safety
3. Understand the components of an H&S program and how to develop written programs and procedures around facility-specific operations
4. Recognize the culture change needed for effective H&S hazard identification, risk assessment, and monitoring controls

Shannon Barr
Health & Safety Specialist
EHS Support