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Fire Protection Best Practices

Many of the biggest risks associated with distilled spirits production relate to fire hazards, and distillers must be fully cognizant of and prepared to mitigate the numerous areas that can contribute to fire or explosion risks. To assist distillers in addressing these and other facility risks, DISCUS developed the “Recommended Fire Protection Practices for Distilled Spirits Beverage Facilities” manual. This course provides an overview of the DISCUS manual, details how the manual can be utilized to help safeguard your operations, and explores fire protection best practices for distilled spirits plants.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Learn the details of the DISCUS fire protection manual, including why it’s important, what topics it covers, and how to best use it
2. Understand how the fire protection manual can help engineers and architects in the design and construction of new installation or significant alterations to existing facilities
3. Explore and identify items of particular importance from the manual, such as grain handling, combustible dust, and emergency planning, with personal examples from expert speakers

Julio Torruella
Operations Director
Louisville Distilling Company, Bacardi

Monica Swingle
Distillery Operations Manager
MGP Ingredients, Inc.

Fred Elliott
Fire and Security Specialist
Brown-Forman Corporation

Jeff Skillern
Safety Manager
Jack Daniels Distillery, Brown-Forman Corporation

Courtney Armour
Chief Legal Officer
Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S.