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Policies and Procedures

Almost every business in the U.S. has requirements related to implementing, displaying, and enforcing company policies and procedures. In addition to the legal requirements, any business and its employees will benefit from clear and concise policies and procedures. These often take the form of "living documents" that can shift when needed and ensure your company is kept safe, legally protected, and highly efficient. This course covers the benefits of effective policies and procedures, along with how to convey guidelines, manage issues, train employees, and implement the systems.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand the practical and legal benefits to having a robust system of policy and procedures
2. Learn the checklist of policies and procedures:

a. Associate conduct: handbook, ethics, communication, social media
b. Compliant handling: service, product quality, process development
c. Information security: trade secrets, cyber threats to POS, electronic equipment
3. Develop policy training and accountability reviews, because even the best policies are not effective if staff don't read them
4. Implement systems for employee feedback and suggestions, since employees are often the ones implementing and practicing the procedures daily and they will often have recommendations to streamline and perfect policies and procedures