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Employee Contract & Rights

A successful contractual relationship between employees and employers is critical to your organization's success. This course discusses the crucial elements of those relationships, from the beginning to the end of the employee/employer relationship. It also focuses on the layers of employee rights, the role of HR, and evolving issues related to employment law. Following the completion of this course, you will understand the critical elements of employment law when entering a contractual relationship with employees.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Identify the basic elements of an employment contract and describe the differences between various employment contracts, including at-will, fixed-term, freelance, implied contracts
2. Understand how the rights and obligations that exist within the employment relationship differ from those within the relationship of an independent contractor to a principal
3. Explain how specific statutes affect the employer/employee relationship, especially the Employment Standards Act, but also including the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, and the Human Rights Act
4. Explain the legal remedies available to an employee, the role of the courts and of the lawyer, and the availability of alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration
5. Identify critical evolving issues within employment law and the specific steps organizations can take to keep abreast of such developments

Erin Darden
Parlatore Law Group

Craig Yaris
Parlatore Law Group