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Accounting Software Options and Selections (Integration with TTB Compliance)

The right accounting software and ERP (enterprise resource planning) package can improve your data compliance and success. This course provides the deep background needed to proficiently choose the right accounting software or ERP package to fit your business needs. There is also a significant focus on the treatment of the many controls integrated into these accounting systems. After completing this course, you will understand the process of developing and installing a new enterprise resource planning system and ensuring the data gathered follows TTB reporting compliance.

Learning Outcomes: 
1. Identify the components of an accounting information system and how it can be used
2. Assess the levels of in-house expertise needed to operate different types of software installations
3. Demonstrate knowledge of data modeling, database design, and the accumulation of data using computer applications
4. Evaluate and determine the proper accounting information system based on the size and needs of the organization
5. Describe the importance of ERP systems in assisting with the preparation of TTB operational reports

Randy Johnston
Executive VP
K2 Enterprises

Jeremy Grant
Amican Group